Structured department

The Structured Department is dedicated to meeting the needs of pupils who have intensive Autism and/or experience severe difficulties in their learning (SLD). Cromwell High School has our standard of provision validated by the National Autistic Society (NAS) Autism Accreditation award. The department is extremely aware that every individual with autism/SLD is different and needs a personalised approach to optimise their learning and development. We have found great success in using many aspects of the Structured Teaching (TEACCH) approach developed in the USA; a system that 'respects the culture of autism' whilst teaching pupils to interact successfully in our non-autistic world. We are also specialists in the use of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and a wide variety of other techniques developed for pupils with communication difficulties. We have been awarded the National Autistic Society Award and an “Enhanced Practice Commendation”. This was awarded for our expertise in all three departments in the area of Communication Support. This is only awarded to a few services where it is felt that the provision is going above and beyond usual expectations in supporting Autistic people and exceeding the Autism Accreditation criteria in this particular area. The Head of our Structured Department is Assistant Headteacher, Kath Kirton.