Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

A cornerstone of each of our core Intent statements is preparation for adulthood (which is what we mean by "Careers").

  • Pupils will learn as much about the world as possible

We teach our pupils as much about adult life as possible including the different work that adults undertake. 

  • Pupils will learn skills to be as effective in the world as possible

We teach our pupils the key skills to optimise their life chances both in the present and as they grow towards adulthood. In particular the skills of communication, numeracy, improving their own learning and specific independence skills

  • Pupils will grow to become confident, caring, considerate citizens

Above all we teach our pupils to optimise their social skills through developing their confidence to work with others and be able to thrive in their interactions with the widest appropriate positive experience of other people.