Please try to avoid the need for medication to be given within school. For example if 3 doses of a medicine are required each day, can these be morning, after-school and bedtime? However, when it is necessary, school is able to give pupils essential medication whilst at school providing that the correct permission form has been completed and returned. If at all possible, we do request that medication in school is timed so as to minimise the disruption of learning and happen at break times. Please discuss with you child's teacher or the Welfare Manager when would be the least disruptive time. We cannot give medication without this! Verbal consent is not sufficient. Wherever possible, and in all cases of complex health needs, arrangements for this should go through the school nurse and be included in the pupil's Care Plan.

All medication must be sent to school with an adult (this can be a bus escort where they volunteer for this role) and passed to school staff directly on arrival. All medication must have the pupil's name clearly marked on it.