Education is a right for every pupil and pupils with Learning Difficulties are no different. We must all seek to maximise attendance at school. Parents are asked to minimise any time spent out of school. From September 2013, the government has instructed that schools can no longer authorise time off school for Family Holidays. If time off is needed for exceptional circumstances (such as a family crisis), parents need to request this in the form of a letter to school. Because our pupils find it much more difficult to learn, our school is provided with considerably more resources per pupil than mainstream schools and it is important that pupils maximise their attendance to maximise their learning through these enhanced resources. 

Most pupils will experience illness at some time during their school career. We seek to provide support over and above that in a mainstream setting for pupils with recurrent illness. Please speak to our Welfare Manager if you would like to discuss what support is available. We will work very closely with the School Nurses within ISCAN to maximise school attendance at the same time as supporting pupils' health needs. 

Sometimes it is not possible for a pupil to attend school if their condition is contagious - equally some conditions that used to require exclusion no longer do so. Please check the latest guidance by clicking on the link below: