Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Cromwell High School's website. We hope that it will give you much of the basic information about our school and give you a taster of the many fantastic achievements of our pupils and the hard work of the staff who support them. In particular, may I invite you to read our latest newsletter, downloadable from the link on the left of the home page. One of our main principles is to be there to meet the needs of  the secondary aged pupils of Tameside who need the most intensive support. We believe in the sentiments expressed in the following words based on a quote from Abbe Pierre (a French Resistance fighter from the Second World War who later became a monk):

'It is not necessary to wait until we are splendid people before we can do splendid things. We only need to understand one splendid thing and then try to base our whole life upon it - and that thing is that the first person we must help is the person who needs us most.' 

We don't pretend to be splendid people, but we are honoured to have a role in what can be a splendid enterprise: of educating our pupils. In 2014 and 2018, we were judged to be an "Outstanding" school by Ofsted in all areas: Behaviour and Safety, Teaching and Learning, Pupils' Achievements and Leadership and Management. We continue to strive every day to improve our provision for our pupils and we are particularly open to honest and constructive feedback to help us to improve. We want to be offering our pupils the absolutely best education possible.

Our second principle is to make an everyday reality of the sentiment "Every Child Matters". If there is one child in our school that is unhappy or failing in any way to make the high educational or personal progress that we expect, we will do everything that we reasonably can to rectify that situation and continue to try until we have succeeded for them. 

We also strongly believe that we will only do the best for our pupils in partnership with parents. Parents are the "experts" in the knowledge of the individual needs of their child whereas school has the experience of meeting the needs of many pupils with similar (though by no means identical) needs over a period of many years. When these two sources of knowledge work together, we can really succeed in supporting the pupils to attain maximum progress relative to their needs.

Please note that there is nothing more important than safeguarding our pupils. We are entirely committed to their protection. Everyone who works in the school goes through List 99 and DBS checking, all staff are recruited safely, all staff are regularly trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding, we work in close partnership with Tameside ISCAN Social Care team, we risk assess all additional risk activities, and our building is maintained in a highly secure manner.

A website can only give a flavour of a school. If you are interested in either your child attending Cromwell High School, working with the school in a professional or voluntary capacity to add to the provision that we offer our pupils, or donating to our Parents and Teachers Association, please make an appointment to come to visit us - you will be most welcome. In the meantime, we hope that you find our website informative.