Vision for our School

We are a Special School that offers the most intensive support for secondary aged pupils in the Tameside area. We believe that inclusion means having your needs met - both within school subjects, but also including your social and emotional needs that underpin academic progress. Inclusion also means being valued for the positive contribution that you make to your school and your class team.

Our aim is to prepare pupils to have the richest life experiences possible - both in the wider world here and now, and, as they grow into teenagers and onwards to become young adults.

Therefore our pupils will:

  • Learn as much about the world as possible.
  • Learn how to maximise their opportunities in the world.
  • Learn to be confident, caring, responsible citizens.

In particular, the way that we want to teach pupils to "maximise their opportunities in the world" is by developing their functional skills in the areas of:

Communication - face to face, including Speaking and Listening

Communication - recorded, including Literacy

Thinking Skills - including Numeracy: especially the ability to use Categories, Sets, Sequences and Comparison

Working with others - including cooperation, socially effective behaviour and vocational skills such as following rules and working as a team.

Improving own learning - including the ability to focus and pay attention, work on your own, mark your own work or work to a specified standard and timescale.

Vocational - including Mobility, Hygiene, Independence skills, Work skills. 

British Values Statement