Meet the Management Team

Welcome from our Senior Leadership Team: 

Headteacher: Mr Andrew Foord who has overview of all areas of school especially strategy, 'Intent and Impact' (Curriculum & Standards), Maths Lead, Personnel and Finance, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Headteacher: Ms Nicky Read -  and also Head of Sensory Department & SENDCo (Deputy Safeguarding Lead for pupils in the the Sensory Department) and Lead for 'Implementation' (T&L and SEN) 

Head of Structured Department & Literacy Leader: Assistant Headteacher, Ms Kath Kirton (Deputy Safeguarding Lead for pupils in the the Structured Department)

Head of Conceptual Learning Department: Assistant Headteacher, Ms Tracy Ouerghi,  (Deputy Safeguarding Lead for pupils in the the Conceptual Department)

Head of Sixth Form (Acting): Assistant Headteacher, Mr Mike Doyle,  (Deputy Safeguarding Lead for pupils in the the Sixth Form Department)

Assistant Headteacher: Mr Symon Dewsbury - with specific responsibility for promoting pupils' Personal and Social Development, including Promoting Positive Behaviour (Social, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing needs).

Business Manager: Mr Ali Syed - who, is responsible for overall finance and business operation.

Welfare Manager: Mrs Sarah Dockray - with specific responsibility for organising the support for pupils regarding their health and personal care and personal safety. Mrs Dockray leads school in maximising pupil attendance. Mrs Dockray also leads in the area of Child Protection and Safeguarding and in monitoring that the needs of pupils who are Looked After by the Local Authority are fully met. 



Head Teacher
Our Head Teacher is Mr Andrew Foord. Mr Foord has worked in Trafford, Lancashire and Blackburn special schools before becoming our Head in 2003. In his previous schools, he had experience in meeting the needs of pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties and Complex Learning Difficulties from 2-19 yrs. His qualifications are: BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, Diploma in Special Educational Needs (Severe Learning Difficulties), National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).