Sixth Form Curriculum

The Sixth Form Curriculum is all about preparing for adulthood. It is the final opportunity to benefit from a school based "we will challenge you to be the best you can be" approach. Quite approprately, as adults, the shift is more to respecting the choices a person makes but, as a school, we still have the duty to support and challenge our students in equal measure. It is therefore vital that our curriculum is sharply focused on teaching our young people to be able to take advantage of the widest range of opportunities in adult life. Learning to be confident, caring, considerate citizens is to the fore as, we believe, the more we succeed in this the happier and fuller life chances our students will have open to them. Learning to be comfortable and confident with, and work with, a wide variety of other people is usually the single most important indicator of future opportunities. 

Once opportunities arise, how far these can be taken will depend upon the core skills that the young person has developed. Learning to optimise your ability to communicate- both to express yourself appropriately and successfully and to listen and understand what other people are communicating- is crucial, along with understanding the organisation and expectations of the wider world; especially sequences and instructions. Confidence, understanding and communication allow a person to become increasingly independent. Independence is really problem solving - identifying a problem, investigating, seeking options for solutions and then implementing solutions often in communication and partnership with other people and evaluating the results and learning the lessons for next time. Our students are working on developing these skills at all their levels of understanding. 

Learning about the world remains a key focus as we strive for pupils to learning about adult life including at home, in society, at work or in a work-like environment and personal responsibility- including helping to keep yourself healthy- and personal expression- including options and techniques for creative expression. 

By delivering a curriculum that teaches these core elements of our whole-school Intent, including as much 'real world', 'out of school' learning as possible, we are determined to give our Sixth Form students the best start to adult life that we possibly can. We have taken the national guidance (see below) as our starting point but hope that we have developed our curriculum even further to best prepare our students for the rest of their lives. 

See our sections on: 

- Professional Life

- Home Life

- Social Life

- Healthy Life

- Spiritual & Creative Life

- Active Life