Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Through access to learning within our Key Stage 4 curriculum we are determined that pupils will learn:

           about the world; we believe in the entitlement of all our students to a broad, balanced and  relevant education. To learn about the facts, processes, principles, interests and wonders of- 

o   The natural world and environment and how to care for it

o   Human society, technology and its artistic and spiritual responses

o   Their own options and choices as they grow and develop towards adulthood

           to be effective in the world; we will teach our students to optimise their success in achieving their goals in the world by teaching them the essential skills that will enable them to thrive in a changing world. Especially the skills of-

o   Communication (IEP targets, English including literacy) and working in a team (IEP targets) including the basic human value of treating others as you would have them treat you; with politeness

o   Improving their own learning (IEP targets) and problem solving (Maths, Computing & IEP targets) including through resilience, effort, focus and thinking ahead

o   Learning the essential skills to optimise independence in adulthood at home and/or at work especially identifying and solving problems (Vocational Education/Food Tech & IEP targets)

           to be confident, caring, safe, citizens; we will teach our students to be;

o   Able to keep themselves and others safe by understanding and managing the risks of modern society including on-line and especially the dangers of grooming for criminal, sexual or extreme political motives.

o   Kind, caring, aware of the needs of others and aware of, able and motivated to follow the laws and British Values of our society especially understanding that all humans are of equal intrinsic value regardless of disability, age, gender, race, sexual orientation or identity.  To take increasing responsibility for themselves and the effect that they have on others.

o   Realise their own identity in which they can feel comfortable, confident and able to continue to develop, thrive and be happy. To have the courage to be true to their ‘best selves’.  To learn to be true and kind to themselves through being true and kind to others.


Organisation of Curriculum:

At Key Stage 4 we are teaching pupils with a sharper focus on our mission to prepare them for adulthood. We do keep the curriculum as broad as possible for as long as possible as the government recommends and most pupils will progress to our Sixth Form (or equivalent) for a final school-based preparation for adult life. In order to make learning a progression from Key Stage 3 and more orientated to the cultural capital that most people in the population are aware of, whilst still organising the learning directed by the National Curriculum (at the level nearest to our pupils' learning needs) we also have a focus on more vocational (in its broadest sense) area and build out their understanding and skills around this solid foundation, ensuring that learning is deeper and able to be applied to understanding the world they live as young people and as they grow towards adulthood.